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Floral and Nature

How can an artist depict color in her nature-inspired art and not have florals?  As much as I appreciate the beauty of flowers, I am not a natural plantsman or horticulturalist.  My florals are inspired by the gardens of others and the natural flowers that pop up in the fields and pastures of the farm.  Some are even inspired by imagination.  

The rise and set of the sun is a daily occurrence that can yield some of the most incredible inspiration for painting.  I have been fortunate to live in areas where we have had incredible views that lent me great material.  Now that we are in North Carolina, I hope we won't have anymore inspirational ice, but isn't it amazing where artistic inspiration can be found?  

AWS Flowers in Vase Watercolor_edited
To Health 2019 Oil_edited-1
Flowers and swirls_edited
The magic of dancing alone_edited
Pemaquid Point ME 2019 Acrylic_edited-1
Sayulita Sunrise 2019 Oil_edited-1
Sunset Over Pasture 2019 Acrylic on Paper_edited-1
Ice Puddle 2020 Acrylic and Gel Pen_edited-1
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