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About the Animals

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Misty  Photo credit Emily Forraht



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Annie Photo credit Chris Galvez


Butch the Rooster

The benefit of animals as a therapeutic tool is finally becoming more established.  We are so lucky to have that at our home every day, and we would like to share it with others.
     --- Amy and Bill
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Conway with a favorite visitor to the farm.

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A winter ride

Dexter Portrait.jpg



A visit to Woofs and Hoofs Ranch at Anniversary Acres entails meeting our fabulous equines. Whether you simply watch them graze out on the pasture from afar or schedule time to spend grooming or even riding, being in their presence is a gift. 

Anniversary Acres was founded as a result of the power of equine "therapy".  After volunteering at a local equine therapy program Amy was smitten with the benefits-- and her volunteer work was only feeding and mucking the horses!!  Within a year she had begun riding, and she and Bill owned their first horse Misty (pictured above left).  Less than a year later, they realized that Misty needed a farm of her own and they celebrated their 10th wedding anniversary at Anniversary Acres.


Horses are herd animals and Misty needed a companion.  Conveniently, Annie was in need of a retirement home.  Annie came to live out her retirement with us and brought a great deal of joy to us as she had to her many students.  We had her for four wonderful years until she decided one sunny November day that she wasn't going to suffer another Michigan winter and went to rest in a favorite spot in the back pasture.  We are heartbroken, but she is at peace. She remains a big part of this farm.

Conway is our next horse,  He is a gentle giant- a large, blue-eyed paint horse whose owners just didn't have the time to give him the attention he deserves.  He is a great trail horse, and despite his 26 years he gladly gallops all afternoon along a trail. (Though don't expect the same in the arena!).  Conway is pictured with one of his best friends to the left.

Our baby is Dexter.  Dexter and Amy train together learning to be a cowhorse and cowgirl pair- or at least that is the intent. Amy imagines them out executing a perfect reining pattern, but in actuality she is just happy if she gets through the program without disqualifying or falling off.   They always have a good time.  Dexter came to the farm at the young age of 4 and we are enjoying watching him grow.  He is very sweet, and loves to be loved on. 



We have VERY friendly goats.  Our goats love company!   One of our favorite times of day is Goat Happy Hour,  when we let the goats out of their pen into the yard to join us and our dogs for an evening beverage and fellowship.  Four of our eight goats have been raised with happy hour since they were babies so they have come to expect the attention!!  They are bigger now, but still like to be hugged and picked up.  We tell our guests to wear clothing that they are comfortable having altered; our goats are great lacemakers and chew through all fabrics!!!  We really can't imagine what life was like before goats! 



It wouldn't make sense to live on a farm and not have access to fresh eggs.  To that end we have a gaggle of chickens- a couple roosters and several hens who roam around our yard in the warmer months and hide in their chicken house during the freezing months of winter.  Our chicken numbers vary with re-homing and natural selection, but all of our chickens are here as egg layers or pets.  Visits to the farm won't find you being served one of our feathered friends! (Even though we had some really mean roosters...)


Dogs have always been a part of our life and we have three sweet, friendly dogs who are like children to us.  In addition, since we found that living in an old farmhouse indeed attracts critters we have two house cats -Saucey and Minx and two friendly barn cats Tippy and Turtle.  We have two cute white bunnies that live in the barn in their own bunny stall.  One is named Smitten (because that is what I was when I met him), and the other is Olaf (because that is what he was named by the family we got him from).  Olaf is a bit stand-offish, but Smitten enjoys being held and pet.

Mole at your side.jpg

Jackie enjoying Goat Happy Hour

Filbert Dean all grown up and enjoying the evening sun.

Jersey shows off his table dancing skills during Goat Happy Hour.


One of the baby chicks born at the farm.

image (30).jpg

Filbert Dean meeting his namesake during a visit to the farm.

Baby goat Roo.  He was so little!!!

Coming April 2021- Emu Chicks!!!

In mid April we will be welcoming two Emu chicks to the farm!  We are very excited.  Emus are the second largest bird in the world, second to the Ostrich.  The chicks will come to us at 6 weeks old so they will need a lot of attention.  Emus can make great pets, and we are looking forward to having great fun with ours!

Mole getting some love during Goat Happy Hour

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